The Coalition for Permanent Protection of
The National Forest in the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock Area

Our Core Values: Environmental Preservation; Integrity informed by Truth and Respect;
Excellence informed by Professionalism; Focused Commitment


The Coalition’s Steering Committee has re-examined the various ways this area of the Forest (“Red Rock Forest”) can be permanently protected, and once again a National Monument designation comes up as the only designation that meets all the necessary citizens’ criteria which are:

must allow all access, recreational freedoms and jeep, outfitter & grazing permits now allowed in the Forest,

must enhance the economy,

must be managed by current Forest management with the same intrinsic values to avoid conflict between Forest land and non-Forest land,

must not have to rely on Congressional approval (Congress is not passing public land protection bills and is currently at a 10% public approval rating),

must have at least 10,000 citizen signatures of support; we are not now over 10,000 and growing daily.

How Do we Permanently Protect the Red Rock Forest?

  • Protected Federal Lands must be managed.

  • There are only 2 Agencies possible to manage the Red Rock Forest:

    • Bureau of Land Management

    • US Forest Service

  • Protocol for the past 20 years is “incoming management remains the manager unless there are compelling adverse circumstances or special request by citizens or their US Representative.” USFS will manage.

  • There are 2 management designation options available to the USFS:

    • Wilderness Areas or Wilderness Study Area

    • National Monument

  • Wilderness Areas are:

  • National Monument remains the BEST OPTION and can be designated in two (2) ways: .

    • by Congressional Act. However, the Congress shows no willingness or capability to protect Public Lands. The probability is extremely low that they would vote to do so anytime soon.

    • by Presidential Proclamation: THE REMAINING BEST OPTION.

Potential Permanent Protection Mechanisms

Mechanism Consideration

National Scenic Area Congress (see “The Issue” below)

National Conservation Area Congress, BLM managed

Wilderness Area Too restrictive

Wilderness Study Area Must be roadless; too restrictive

National Park Congress; too restrictive; USPS managed

Outstanding Natural Area Congress, BLM managed

National Monument US Forest Service managed; may be accomplished by Presidential Proclamation

The Issue

Congress is sitting on dozens of bills that would help protect our precious land and wildlife, and by one count, there’s a set of 10 land conservation bills that have been introduced a combined 52 times over the past 30 years and they are still ‘stuck.’ I’m here to pick up a little bit of the slack, because there is no time to waste to preserve our precious resources, and give a shot in the arm to local economies. . . .” President Barack Obama, May 21, 2014

Why National Monument Designation is the Best Choice

  • It is the ONLY designation that can occur without an Act of Congress and be managed by current Forest Service management.

  • It is a designation that does not complicate matters by introducing a “foreign” management agency.

  • The Sedona Community Plan states, “The preservation of natural open space in and around Sedona has been one of the highest community priorities since incorporation” and presents a “desire for permanent protection of the Coconino National Forest in and around the City of Sedona.”

Help us send a message to the White House and the World:
We value and support permanent protection of this
beautiful, unique and fragile Red Rock Forest:,
called Save Our Ancient Red the world-famous, antiquity-rich National Forest lands of the Red Rock Ranger District’s National Monument, now the most visited Forest District in the USA. . that the proposed Monument values will be protected by the to assist the Forest Service in protecting antiquities and the Forest’s currently enjoyed in the Forest, watershed & riparian areas with permanent protection, we have support from the leading Sedona-Verde Valley watershed and land preservation organizations: Act –