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Government - Elected Officials

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Grussing - blue heron in flight

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Business Community

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Steve Estes Cornville
Carrie Edwards Camp Verde
Erica Foster Sedona
Sonia Harris Cottonwood
Richard Walker Prescott Valley
Louis Essig Jerome
Monica Weaver Flagstaff
Nicholle Cleary Prescott
Jose Herrera Sedona
Susan Hull Flagstaff
Jaclyn O'Connor Prescott
Dustin Shiel Prescott Valley
Gordon Farley Prescott
Craig Overton Flagstaff
Alicia Holtzen Camp Verde
RW Worrel Cottonwood
Ralph Morse Sedona
Jerica Gray Jerome
Jeffrey Klein Prescott Valley
Jill Sislock Prescott
William Holmes Prescott Valley
Edward Cullins Sedona
Todd Larson Cottonwood
Marlene Lynch Flagstaff
Jerry Hartley Prescott
Spencer Lewis Camp Verde
Frances Manser Sedona
Jim Hubert Prescott
Natalee Brill Flagstaff
Jennifer Matz Prescott Valley

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First NameLast NameCity
Lee Kasparek Phoenix
Loretta Bullington Maricopa
Diane Manning Chandler
Maria Fischer Tempe
Bruce Mecham Gilbert
Karina Ortega Mesa
John Pazmino Globe
Jason Hylen Laveen
Carol Paquette Phoenix
Candice Savino Tucson
Anne Rethore Scottsdale
Julia Bowlby Peoria
Karen Bowlby Peoria
Mai-Anh Nguyen Gilbert
Christopher Ross Gilbert
Beth Fabrick Maricopa
Jeff Farrick Maricopa
Steve Cullinan Paradise Valley
Sherry Tyree Phoenix
Hal Jackson Phoenix
Suzanne Harris Gilbert
Randy Jones Phoenix
Jon Grossklaus Mesa
Robin Zeabib Phoenix
Thierry Zeabib Phoenix
Karen Sevrotte Phoenix
Troy Gillenwater Carefree
Steven Bedard Tempe
Rachael Franks Phoenix
Lindsay Dominguez Chandler

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First NameLast NameCityState
Jennifer Faulkner Albuquerque NM
Wayne Mulligan Salt Lake City UT
Alma Erlinder Las Vegas NV
Herman Sislock Englewood CO
Sara Connelly Ogden UT
Florence Burgess Santa Fe NM
Heidi Cooledge Cheyenne WY
John Demaree Boise ID
Aaron Rieth Portland OR
Lenore Jackson Sacramento CA
Edina Lafferty LaJolla CA
Paul Gray Fort Collins CO
Kate Fagin Irvine CA
Daniel Holbrook Provo UT
Blair Switzer Las Vegas NV
Rodney Wendell Santa Barbara CA
Miles Kersten Austin TX
Cristen Maroney Austin TX
Gabriel Maroney Austin TX
David Rehfus Sonara CA
Jerry Fife Nashville TN
Scott Henman Denver CO
Michael Winkler Salem OR
George Brown Rapid City SD
Dale Koyama Seattle WA
Beverly Cantrell Durango CO
Kate Dregne Reno NV
Paula Beringhaus San Francisco CA
Bret Casselman Albuquerque NM
Keith Garvin Henderson NV

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First NameLast NameCityStateCountry
Mandy Hartman Munich Germany Germany
eva røre (other)Vestfold norway
Hans Konrad Peter Riehen AR Switzerland
Eveline van Schooneveld Kesteren (other) The Netherlands
Patricia Bonin Hope British Columbia Canada
Katarina Gallagher Brentwood bay British Columbia Canada
Susan Solomon Den Haag n/a The Netherlands
George Ratzlaff Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Tracey Maile Melbourne KS Australia
Victoria Garrard Wimbledon England England
gary fisher burlington ontario canada
Anna Beselin Berlin (other) Germany
Dawn Blake Brighton (other) United Kingdom
Annette Undrill Lower Hutt (other) New Zealand
Phillip McKee Boussais Poitou-Charentes France
Grace McKee Boussais Poitou-Charentes France
Dave Harley Christchurch (other) New Zealand
Elizabeth Wilson Dorset England
Andrew Wilson Dorset England

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The long fight to save wild beauty represents democracy at its best. It requires citizens to practice the hardest of virtues–self-restraint. Why cannot I take as many trout as I want from a stream? Why cannot I bring home from the woods a rare wildflower? Because if I do, everybody in this democracy should be able to do the same. My act will be multiplied endlessly. To provide protection for wildlife and wild beauty, everyone has to deny himself proportionately. Special privilege and conservation are ever at odds. – Edwin Way Teale, Circle of the Seasons: The Journal of a Naturalist’s Year