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Business Community

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Katrina Martinez Winslow
Deana Gordon Flagstaff
Pepper Fox Flagstaff
Q Redmond Flagstaff
Maddie Buette Flagstaff
Skylar Symonds Flagstaff
David Sides Flagstaff
Robert Rouvier Flagstaff
Lindsay Engler Flagstaff
Gabrielle Shope Flagstaff
Eddie Diaz Flagstaff
Emily Vandevur Flagstaff
Crysta Comea Flagstaff
Ava Boven Flagstaff
David Millis Flagstaff
Cami Lopez Flagstaff
Adam Shiman Flagstaff
Kaya Teyechea Flagstaff
Alejandra Martinez Flagstaff
Mimi Mbegbu Flagstaff
Analisa I. Quintero Flagstaff
Jenna Austin Flagstaff
Andre Montgomery Flagstaff
Makena Farrell Flagstaff
Lydia Smart Flagstaff
Kaitlyn Quinn Flagstaff
Idalia miro Flagstaff
Corrine Jarnagin Flagstaff
Beatrice Skelton Flagstaff
Veronica Karn Flagstaff

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Kareen Rasmussen Peoria
Diane Kurtis Glendale
Bradley Goodale Scottsdale
Brenda West Phoenix
Frances McClure Cheyenne
Leila McKane Surprise
Kyle Rittman Sun City
Christy Lang Carefree
Nancy Glasser Tucson
Daphne Kennedy Superior
Deb Sparrow Tempe
Dot Wolfe San Tan Valley
Esther Shiffer Tempe
Phil Wilson Gilbert
Patty Flavin Chandler
Peter Risch Mesa
Ernest Graf Goodyear
Rowan Hebert Laveen
Davidq Kashan Scottsdale
Nick Felt Lake Havasu
Thomas McGuire Cave Creek
G. Heller Scottsdale
Ann Farley Phoenix
Elijah Vukovic Phoenix
Kayden Tyson Phoenix
Barry Tyson Phoenix
Jared Judson Phoenix
Cortney Loveridge Peoria
Claudia Lopez Kingman
Jennifer Banks Florence

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Travis Storey Canyon Lake TX
Tonia Storey Comal TX
Gary Slaughter Austin TX
Linda Tanner Syracuse NY
Mark Grasmeyer Syracuse NY
Margaret Hanlon Bozeman MT
Carolyn Morse Spokane WA
Katherine Owens Durango CO
Jo Ann Lucas Ogden UT
Patrick Johnson Reno NV
Alice Cummings Long Beach CA
Robert Broadhurst Littleton NH
Carol Brown New York City NY
Candice Schaeffer Las Vegas NV
Sonja Lane Tacoma WA
Lucy Collins Albuquerque NM
Tracey Dunham Boulder CO
Thomas Ratner Salt Lake City UT
Kenneth Welsh Los Angeles CA
April Lunde Salem OR
James Peters Butte MT
Arthur Simmons Boise ID
Julia Hocking Provo UT
John Swanson Henderson NV
Bridget Petersen Irvine CA
Scott Parsons Roswell NM
Patricia Bailey Idaho Falls ID
Josh Studnicki Santa Fe NM
James Otto Billings MT
Jeffrey Strohm Ft. Collins CO

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Sona Khosta Calgary Alberta Canada
Rachna Joshi Alberta Canada
Callie Barry Belcarra British Columbia Canada
Karen Hainer Stockholm Sweden
Peter Harner Stockholm Sweden
Robert Willsore England
Carole Barber Essex England
David Barber Essex England
Irene Gibson Aberdeenshire Scotland
Martin Gibson Aberdeenshire Scotland
Shintoos Ishihara Osaka Japan
Kat Waldner Brandon Manitoba Canada
Pam Gordon Toowoomba Queensland Australia
Leola Gordon Oxley Queensland Australia
L. Wagenaar Harfsen Gelderland Netherlands
Thomas McGill Scotland United Kingdom
Pat McGill Scotland United Kingdom
Andy McWalters Queensland Australia
Georgie McWalters Queensland Australia
Amanda Reed England United Kingdom
Michael Reed England United Kingdom
T. Penych Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Dave Auld Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Daya harris British Columbia Canada
Karen McEachen Canada
Jack Thro Kyoto Japan
Patti Miles Manitoba Canada
Neil Thomas Cardiff Wales U.K.
Ann-Marie Howells Cardiff Wales U.K.
Janette Harrison Swansea Wales U.K.

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In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world. I want to ask you to keep this great wonder of nature as it now is. I hope you will not have a building of any kind, not a summer cottage, a hotel or anything else, to mar the wonderful grandeur, the sublimity, the great loneliness and beauty of the canyon. Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it. – Theodore Roosevelt