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Government - Elected Officials

Submission Total: 10, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameComments

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Grussing - blue heron in flight

Submission Total: 11, showing 30 per page
Organization NameCity

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Business Community

Submission Total: 51, showing 30 per page
Business NameCity

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Submission Total: 4381, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameCity
Laura DelGiorgio Flagstaff
Lisa Wisner Flagstaff
Sharon Koshy Flagstaff
Sarah Colby Flagstaff
Amy Wollcowinsky Flagstaff
Jason Ferguson Flagstaff
Susan K. Patrick Flagstaff
Dee Hoagland Flagstaff
Trent Stafford Flagstaff
Samantha Harrigan Flagstaff
Alexis Lohman Flagstaff
Jazmyne Holwegner Flagstaff
Jackie Gunn Flagstaff
Sophia Gammie Flagstaff
Kanye West Flagstaff
Kat O'Brien Flagstaff
Emily Grieb Flagstaff
Miche Lozano Flagstaff
Mackenzie Magill Flagstaff
Lauren Lopez Flagstaff
Riely Koenig Flagstaff
Sophie Thomas Flagstaff
Alexia Villegas Flagstaff
Amanda Munoz Flagstaff
Vicki Wallis Flagstaff
Chase Lawe Flagstaff
Jasmine Huffaker Flagstaff
Dani Ritchey Flagstaff
Taelor Smith Flagstaff
Heriverto Martinez Winslow

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Submission Total: 6095, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameCity
Colleen Grady Chandler
Prince G. LeaMon Scottsdale
Nicole LeaMon Scottsdale
Isabella Russian Tempe
Katie Reichmuth Chandler
Ann E. Foster Gilbert
Beverly A. Bahe Scottsdale
Michele Sanborn Gilbert
Sarah Yitzler Phoenix
Vivian Montes Peoria
Christine Markley Tempe
Jan Kaplan Glendale
Mary Witzel Phoenix
Pamela Simpson Surprise
George Warren Surprise
Bob Claus Scottsdale
Joyce Claus Scottsdale
Julie Barlow Apache Junction
Calvin Lagerman Gilbert
Harriett Burns Mesa
Laura Kozak Avondale
Daphne Pursell Chandler
Michael Callahan Tucson
Beth Tallan Goodyear
Jimmie White Phoenix
Florence Boutell Laveen
Nathan Bache Cave Creek
Madeleine Ascott Carefree
Beth Gorman-Hackstadt ShowLow
Kelly Nagel Maricopa

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Submission Total: 3078, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameCityState
denise farley WI
Denise Gerding Spokane WA
Stacey Feldheim Bozeman MT
James Benner Durango CO
Steven Phelan Ogden UT
Robert Andrews San Diego CA
Sarah Holmes Reno NV
Dale Kallen Salem OR
Rodney Wohl Tacoma WA
David Cryder Las Vegas NV
Eileen Johnson Albuquerque NM
Marikay Morley Salt Lake City UT
Amy Palmer Los Angeles CA
Dawn Graeff Alameda CA
Carolyn Stallard Soquel CA
Elizabeth Connelly NJ
Ashley Hughes Bend OR
Kyle Rawner Boise ID
Jane McCann Santa Fe NM
Pamela Webster Colorado Springs CO
Arthur Mills Provo UT
Carla Bailey Henderson NV
Frank McLean San Francisco CA
Jeff Mouser Seattle WA
Laurie Bowen Missoula MT
Sara Field Portland OR
Virginia Skinner Denver CO
Janet Killian Sacramento CA
Sharon B. Stein Glenview IL
Caitlin Stewart Alexandria VA

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Submission Total: 260, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameCityStateCountry
Floring Pinzaru RO Romania
Alexandra Zbuchea RO Romania
Valerie Perry Regina SK Canada
Victoria Atkins Calgary Alberta Canada
Ray Rampone Kelowena British Columbia Canada
Linda Rampone Kelowena British Columbia Canada
Suzanne Sills Calgary Alberta Canada
Malcolm Sills Calgary Alberta Canada
Cameron Bruce Toronto Canada
Fred Netherlands
Thomas Melbye Asbro Sweden
Eva Brustad Oslo Oslo Norway
Helge Melbye Oslo Oslo Norway
Blanca E. Salomen Sinaloa Mexico
Viridiana Baez Jalisco Mexico
Ricardo Bastidas Sinaloa Mexico
N. Scheffler Hamburg Germany
R Scheffler Hamburg Germany
H. Blom Holland Netherlands
Timmer Holland Netherlands
De Jong Holland Netherlands
Dolan Holland Netherlands
De Vries Holland Netherlands
Jansen Holland Netherlands
Christina Nga Mississanga Ontario Canada
Narota Chung Red Deer Alberta Canada
Sara Mahmoud Lebanon
Zuzanna Nielabitowsua Zywiec Polsua
Sandra Hidalgo GTO Mexico
Katrina Barry Belcarra British Columbia Canada

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93.07 %

Total Signatures: 13960


Show me a healthy community with a healthy economy and I will show you a community that has its green infrastructure in order and understands the relationship between the built and the unbuilt environment. – Will Rogers, Trust for Public Land