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Government - Elected Officials

Submission Total: 10, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameComments

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Grussing - blue heron in flight

Submission Total: 11, showing 30 per page
Organization NameCity

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Business Community

Submission Total: 51, showing 30 per page
Business NameCity

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Submission Total: 4381, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameCity
LeeAnn McDowell Prescott
Anhelina Baker Cottonwood
Kathleen Satterfield Flagstaff
Chris Boothe Clarkdale
Michael Reddig Flagstaff
Judy Henzler Flagstaff
Lynn Johnson Prescott Valley
Judith MacMullin Flagstaff
Gregory Whalen Clarkdale
Charlotte Gourley Sedona
Beverly Dandurand Prescott
Linda Jennings Sedona
Lawrence Dandurand Prescott
Carolyn Grebenstein Sedona
Shannon Nowlan Cottonwood
Ruthann Kroop Camp Verde
Bernard Franken Prescott
Marina Marquez Flagstaff
Sofia Ramcke Flagstaff
Charlie Visser Sedona
Charlie Visser Sedona
Jared Borrego Flagstaff
Evan Smith Prescott Valley
Shelby Goodman Cottonwood
Robert Carroll Camp Verde
Timothy Ernster Sedona
Ruby Kendall Clarkdale
AnnMarie Tagart Prescott
Catherine Petersen Flagstaff
Carrie Eberly Flagstaff

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Submission Total: 6095, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameCity
Elisa Blancas Tucson
Donna Mulembo Phoenix
Lexxi Williams Peoria
Syeda Umar Scottsdale
Sarah Hagerman Scottsdale
Connie Koren Phoenix
Trisha Williams Peoria
Kelly Morris Phoenix
Monica Orillo Gilbert
Kerry Morris Phoenix
Brandy Hickerson Gilbert
Courtney Ragan Tucson
Angela Kurtz Tempe
Jason Zubiets Scottsdale
Dawn Lee Queen Creek
Ashley Meadows Phoenix
Kaitlin Vigil Phoenix
Joyce Koski Gilbert
David Diaz Surprise
Elizabeth Higgins Tucson
Lisa Olson Tucson
Sarah King Tucson
Kyle Shields-Haskew Surprise
Melanie Moore Goodyear
Sarah Moore Buckeye
Matthew Geddes Phoenix
Sharon Hadley Goodyear
Ricardo F. Blancas Tucson
Jim Selgo Avondale
Dionne Grady Chandler

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Submission Total: 3078, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameCityState
Thomas Morrissey Durango CO
Barton Lloyd Carrboro NC
Valerie DeLaune Palmer AK
Elan Sorrell Colorado Springs CO
Edith Burdman Sacramento CA
Gail Legler Las Vegas NV
Jennison Karam Roswell NM
Ann Schoen Idaho Falls ID
Beth Shoemaker Asheville NC
Joseph Mason Ft. Collins CO
Carlos Moreno Bend OR
Mara Keltner Los Angeles CA
Monika Lyle Anchorage AK
Steven Morse Boise ID
Samantha Harding Portland OR
Melinda Edwards Henderson NV
Joyce Bingham Santa Fe NM
Sandra Thompson Denver CO
Brenda Westover Provo UT
Greg Wilkens Seattle WA
Stan Lucey Las Vegas NV
Coni Journell San Francisco CA
Bridget Sanders Butte MT
Robin Lynch Eugene OR
Melissa Gray Cheyenne WY
Linda Relich Boulder CO
Pablo Ortiz San Jose CA
Gloria Herron Indianapolis IN
Claudette Lewis Mechanicsville VA
Eric Balken SLC UT

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Submission Total: 260, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameCityStateCountry
Diego Bittante Vancouver British Columbia CANADA
Janice Bittante Vancouver British Columbia CANADA
C. Erickson CANADA
Ben Dufresne Canada
marie tavernier gent Belgium Belgium
Kaisa Pohjola Amsterdam Amsterdam The Netherlands
Mike Mendell Montreal Quebec Canada
Emily Lanypersderfer Munich Germany
Gordon Ball Orillia Ontario Canada
Gordon Ball Orillia Ontario Canada
Cynthia Baird CANADA
Jane Labodi CANADA
Anthony Sheep Edmonton Alberta CANADA
Barbara Westerlin DENMARK
Jaishri Srurinaran INDIA
Wayne DeLuca Canada
Chris DeLuca Canada
Reinhold Scherer Ontario BC Canada
Mary Ann Scherer Ontario BC Canada
Ernie Charlton Chillawak BC Canada
Courtney Dyck New London Alberta Canada
Fred Bruer Denmark
Sandra Bailey Qualicum Beach Canada
Lije Becker Manitoba Canada
James William Moralee Ripon United Kingdom
Barton Cannon Calgary Alberta Canada
Sarah Johnston Vancouver BC Canada
Irene Deff Waterloo Ontario Canada
Sharni Williams Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Eric Williams Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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Total Signatures: 13960


Of all the questions which can come before this nation, short of the actual preservation of its existence in a great war, there is none which compares in importance with the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us. – Theodore Roosevelt