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Government - Elected Officials

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Grussing - blue heron in flight

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Business Community

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Cyrus Elliott Sedona
Mary Ann Barkus Cornville
John Rosenthanl Cornville
Melody Biley Cornville
Scott Johnston Cornville
Gail Ganong Cornville
Deanna King Cornville
Robert Ferkin Cornville
Darcy Hitchcock Sedona
Beverly Schwartz Sedona
Kathy Mackey Sedona
Janice Saunders Sedona
Dan Cothran Sedona
Diana Williamson Sedona
Roni Jelm Sedona
Karen Truskowski Sedona
Ron Epperson Sedona
John Schwartz Sedona
Jon Petrescu Sedona
Susan Murrill Sedona
Tina Whitley Sedona
Paul Schwartz Sedona
Pat O'Halleran Sedona
Norris Peterson Sedona
Carolyn Peterson Sedona
Nancy Brown Sedona
Kathy OConnor Cornville
Mark Clark Cornville
Carole Piszczek Sedona
John Sheffield Sedona

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George Lahood Tempe
LeAnn Shaw Tempe
Jennifer Drew Tempe
John Inman Tempe
Donald Wortman Tempe
Lorna Staley Mesa
Byron Hancock Mesa
Cheyenne Woodard Tempe
Salvador Valeros Tempe
Warren Reardon Tempe
Pearlette Reiman Tempe
Kelly Heyman Tempe
Carlos Hernandez Tempe
Andrea Wilder Tempe
Margaret Francone Chandler
Nandita Hammond Tempe
Mina Garcia Tempe
Adrien Perkins Tempe
Marshall Shuler Tempe
Douglas Turner Tempe
Diego Valenzuela Tempe
Cassidy Winston Tempe
Brick Tormey Tempe
Oscar Valdez Tempe
Doralina Proctor Phoenix
Dmitry Mayer Tempe
Clifford Davis Phoenix
Gerald Beckmann Tempe
Galen Poulton Tempe
Gretchen Russo Tempe

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To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from. – Terry Tempest Williams, Testimony Before the Senate Subcommittee on Forest and Public Lands Management Regarding the Utah Public Lands Management Act of 1995, July 13, 1995.