Letter to the Editor

Red Rock News, August 6, 2015

National monument goal is worthwhile

A group of concerned Sedona proponents have been volunteering a lot of time to form a proposal to get Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock area to become a national monument. It is a great idea that needs and deserves your support.

A national monument designation can be achieved by submitting a proposal and requesting presidential designation. Some presidents have been receptive to this process – both Republicans and Democrats – while others have not. Our current president seems receptive so we are attempting to preserve and protect our United States forest lands by this means. It would not mean another layer of government as it would be managed by the U.S. Forest Service as is currently being done.

This is not a partisan political effort as all political persuasions are working closely together toward this cause.

Some comments by locals have raised questions: Why are some trying to destroy or deter this movement? Do you not want to see the forest lands protected? If not protected, how long will it be before forest lands are desecrated t the extent they will no longer be an asset to our community?

If our approach is wrong, what is yours? If it is better than what we are proposing, I will gladly support it.

I have been terribly disappointed in learning of some individuals who have opposed our action. I thought many of you cared more about Sedona than you are showing us.

It is time all of Sedona gets behind an effort to protect and preserve our national forests.

Dick Ellis


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